101 Horse


The origin of the thoroughbreds can be traced back to the desert. These full-blood horses are temperamental. And similar to how wealthy Arabian sheikhs are gaining ground in forgotten parts of Europe. A variation of these horses is found throughout the continent. Think about the Hungarian Thoroughbred, for example, English Thoroughbred etc.

Warmbloods are stronger than Thoroughbreds, mostly between 148–165 cm. They are light in weight, thus not as heavy as the Draft horses. Thanks to their calm nature perfectly suited for riding. They are as fast and athletic as the Thoroughbred. Today’s warmbloods can become up to 185 cm tall. We humans have established this due to excessive breeding processes.

The Draft horse is also known as the ‘Coldblood.’
Draft horses evolved in the colder, northern regions of the world. They are heavier and more muscular than Thoroughbreds and are usually calmer. Most heavy horses are draft horses. They are strong and still used by the Amish as working horses. Breeding these horses with the lighter breeds often results in excellent riding horses, and no, they are not all blondes.

Big-boned draft horse, suitable for heavy fieldwork.



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Warsan Garrow

Warsan Garrow

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