A new year

Warsan Garrow
3 min readJan 1, 2023

By now most nations have introduced the new year.

Today is the first day of the year. As we slowly step into 2023 a lot of people are announcing their resolutions for improvement purposes.

We have turned just another page on the calendar but this one seems more significant than the others.

Though corny every day is technically a new one filled with opportunity. A new day also means a chance to be grateful for the fact you were able to wake up into that day and breath. Millions don’t get that chance of waking up to a new day.

A whole new 24 hours, a blank page. Nothing philosophical but it is another day where the sun has chosen to rise again to brighten our day. At our convenience it shall go under again.

A chance of counting blessings to do something significant, and to thank those we were able to take with us for another year. The ones that were understanding, patient, fun and kept it real and realistic. The ones that were brave enough to stick around. Those that let us be, gave us space. Allowed us to reflect and gave us constructive feedback.

As you move on remind yourself of everything you had and that which you choose to get rid of and let go. Not everything is worth holding on to. It’s called a journey for a reason.

You have learned that not everything you gave a chance served you well or did you justice. You know something you did not know beforehand. Sending a stronger

message has proven to be ever so vital. A time when entitlement hardens the language we

use and we are taught a; “no thank you” can be weaponised against us and a clear decline can be mistrusted and turned at their disbelieve.

In a time we become ugly to those we reject and are stalked by the ones we despise.

Their ways are not your way. That much has been proven already. They suffocated on deceit.

It is easy to dispose of the things that don’t serve you. Letting go is not as difficult as the feeble make it seem.

A positive step forward is where solutions are sought.

Use your journey as a learning mechanism. It should serve you as the stepping stone with all the garbage cementing it together for you to step on and over it. Pass the negative, don’t forget, never forgive but don’t draw in it either.

Hold on to all the good you have and managed to keep to take with you along the way. At your comfort not going out of your way. Be grateful for that. Nurture it as it is required and let that be a priority.

Win at their demise. Their obstruction was their destruction. Dance on their grave.

Rejoice in all the right things at your disposal. Capable. Yes! ☝🎊




Warsan Garrow

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