A tribe of twa-isted men

And the dogma of ‘creating a man.’

Warsan Garrow
8 min readOct 24, 2023


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I recently stumbled upon an interview between Piers Morgan and the internet-famous ‘clinical psychologist’ Jordan Peterson.

A man who prides himself on his intellect and has garnered a following of predominately young men. A tribe of twats, the cult of ‘weak-man’ that can be considered a sect.

What was especially disturbing to watch for me was Piers Morgan’s adoration of Peterson. Morgan, generally known for putting the screws to those on his shows, was fangirling Peterson. I was annoyed by the way Morgan was giggling around Peterson, even confessing how his sons were huge fans of the ‘Dr.’ who tested to be an extremely agreeable person in a test with his significant other.

I could not tolerate another second of this spectacle.
I stopped watching, afraid the chubby-cheeked Britt would throw his nickers at Peterson and his daughter, who was also present for that interview.

Dr. Peterson’s wife, the disagreeable counterpart of the duo and daughter, is a strong force behind his social media success. They have also successfully ruined his professional and meaningful career.

One of his famous advice is for young men to make their beds; once they have mastered the art of making their beds successfully, success will fall upon them, according to Peterson.
They will become disciplined alpha males, money will rain upon them, and women will throw themselves at these now not-so-nice guys who know how to make their beds.

Presumably, making their bed was something Peterson and his Tammy butted heads over, and he ended up compromising on.

These men identify with Peterson because they recognise and acknowledge similarities between him and themselves; he has become their spokesperson for a reason.

The wonders a meat diet and a bit of internet fame have done for this man are truly something out of this world.

“Dr” Jordan Peterson, whose public confessions on his renewed love and subscription to the Christian faith have allowed him to crawl into an even more cosy space, supportive platform, enabling him to display his biased bullshit more often than we have bargained for.

The mad pseudo-scientist often gets off the rails on his hunt for controversy.
Peterson, who is not a political commentator, diplomat, or an expert in international affairs, recently encouraged the Israelis to give the Palestinians hell in a viral tweet.

That is coming from a clinical psychologist who claims to follow Jesus.
A prophet in the Islamic faith, a God, and sometimes the son of God in the holy trinity of the ‘Western’ civilisation’. Jesus, who the West remembers during his ‘birthday’ announced with a massive Coca-Cola campaign, and half of the West shuts down for at least a few days. Who is laid to rest and then reawakens around the same time the birds and the bees lay their eggs, which bunnies then get to search for, has now a justifiable reason to fall from his heavenly throne.

Peterson stands out because he understands that his position, i.e. being a ‘professor in clinical psychology’ combined with his natural status: a White man born and raised in a predominantly English-speaking country who has mastered his native tongue, undoubtedly fits the profile of ‘natural fit’ working in what’s considered the world’s most powerful nation has a significant credibility rate.
People will fall for all the bull crap he is preaching and thus selling — out.
Its not a surprise, most people put some weight on this man’s views.

Peterson later backpaddled on the harsh words he should not have used as a ‘professor in psychology’, basically endorsing genocide.

When I tuned in to the Morgan-Peterson interview, I hoped for quality journalism but was quickly disappointed.

If there is anything that we have learned from the ‘antisemitism’ movement, it is that controversy has limits. But not for the likes of JordanPeterson &friends.inc.
The freedom of expression rights have long been skewed as a direct consequence of the White guilty conscience, your average legislator.

Peterson is a whip pushed into fame after his first few videos went viral. An ordinary professor whose darkest urges were fuelled the minute his tribesman leached onto him, and he fell into fame.
Fame does strange things to suckers like Peterson. Soon after, his one-minute of fame. Peterson felt compelled to run with the hype and cash on his newly found famous status; the reason is not surprising to most people.

Peterson had to reinvent himself and, more importantly, stay relevant.
To do so, he decided he was the main man for every job, to the frustration of many.

Peterson and his team go through social media and find topics on societal matters that are trending and people are discussing.
They then filter that through to what is now confirmed (his) incompetent ‘clinical psychologist’ expertise and present it as an academically concerning issue. Similar to that time, he publicly announced his repulsion of a plus-size woman on a magazine cover.
Who knew the modelling industry was a niche close to Dr Peterson’s heart?

“Dr. Jordan Peterson” is a fantastic actor, so he makes sure he sounds worried in his delivery to generate a sympathetic White male persona that cares about the well-being of the young men he supposedly cares about. In his fixation on saving young men from being weak, thus disadvancing in life and becoming prey to witchy women, he puts a lot of blame on women.

Perhaps the man is speaking out of experience.

The message Peterson conveys to the young men who follow him is personal to him. He is installing a cautionary tale based on his lived truth as a highly agreeable person.

I was never a fan of Peterson.
What was interesting to me was the notion of his sentiment.

When Peterson faces criticism, Peterson dunks. “Dr.” Peterson resorts to vulnerability and emotional manipulation. A man willing to cry in his vlogs, who decides to post that for the world to see, is a man who can dupe most people into sympathising with him. And these videos have gone viral for that reason.
Peterson masterfully controls the narrative of his popular perceived character.

Many people in this world consider a crying man something spectacular.
At that moment, Peterson decides to deliberately display what most high-profile studies have been advocating for years: for men to express emotion and showcase their vulnerability. Removing the taboo thus normalising the most human thing to do, also for men, i.e., show emotion. Of course, Peterson is aware of how much, mainly, the American media loves to zoom in on crying faces; thus, he does it again, using a larger platform, because it works to his advantage.

The entire idea of highlighting this matter was to combat, regulate, and better streamline the potentially catastrophic outcomes and impact a long-term frustrated and angry man can have on other lives and society at large. Societies have somewhat succeeded in encouraging the male species to acknowledge that they have feelings, and clinical experts who are good at their work have worked towards teaching most men the importance of and how to vocalise their emotions. As a result of the excellent work of genuinely competent mental health professionals and vigilant individuals, most societies appeared to be moving towards a place of understanding. This reasonable middle ground seemed to be working. Most institutions moved away from the acceptance of the ultra-hardened lies Westerners were fed by their ancestors, passed on through history books, the image of what a man should be.
And so, for a brief moment, we were reaping the results of years of genuinely invested good mental health professionals. Some societies saw a decline in crimes committed by men, and jails were even repurposed. Fewer women ended up in emergency departments due to partner-inflicted injuries, and safe houses for battered women found a new purpose: a centre for asylum seekers, for example.
When a sublime chance presents itself, use that and start the entire process all over again.

For a while, there was peace, and although societies appeared to be making progress in that regard, no major societal issues seriously repressing women and their rights presented themselves.
Feminist advocates became so loud and influential to the point where there was a fair and reasonable break-even point. More competent women felt less objectified, did not have to go the extra mile, and graced top positions generally reserved for alpha males in typically male-dominated fields. In those cases, it mattered. Yay, for White women! There was a sigh of relief throughout some ‘civilised-western’ countries that did not last long.

Then, something strange happened: the twisted radical feminists took over, and a threatening wave shook things up, not necessarily translating to the desired outcome. They appeared to gain the upper hand but lost themselves on that battlefield, and nothing has made sense ever since. That is where we were.

There was and still is a market for the Jordan Petersons and the Andrew Tates.

What Jordan Peterson and his saviour complex care about are the earnings his fame brings him. He is not concerned about the well-being of vulnerable young men who are or could potentially end up disadvanced. That would rob him of therapy sessions. Why cheat yourself out of those sessions when you can hop on the next hype, play the blame game right, and paid for less mentally labour-esk work?

Even when I think of examples that could support Peterson’s plea regarding his support of the young men he talks about. Understandably, and rightfully so, seeing how most of the ‘civilised’ societies have failed to reduce the number of male suicides.
Peterson’s stance and advocacy work for these supposedly ‘weak men’ are amicable. Still, his glorified stands are overrated and don’t apply to most of the males his following consists of.

In our society, Peterson is the oppressor, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the danger to the nice guy. Peterson is the repeater of the psychologically abusive cycle to the young men he refers to as weak, that he needs to rescue from themselves while referring to them as weak. Yet, Peterson attributes his celebrity status primarily to the millions of young White men allegedly without father figures who devote their time to watching his videos.
Peterson is their saviour, who needs them also to attend his paid events.

Jordan Peterson says the right things at the right moment. He tends to shift his gear and tone down his strong opinion when required. He also contradicts himself.

Peterson is a spineless alpha dog who barks on behalf of the needs and opinions of those with an unshakable stand that he caters to.

And I don’t even like Arabs.

Peterson has proven to be a hypocrite willing to take whatever stand is safe that will advance him further in terms of network and monetary gains.

Jordan Peterson is a prime example of wasted expertise.

Listen to your parents, KIDS.



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