An army of prostitutes

In a culture of hypersexuality, false narratives and lucrative marketing

Warsan Garrow
10 min readNov 18, 2023

The West is known to be progressive, but more so for its beautiful modern White women, an accessible delicacy to foreign men.

I spent an entire lifetime amongst Whites, and I know like no other what most Whites are made of. Before I parted ways with most of my white school/university friends shortly after graduation and everyone went about their own way, I was a friend. Despite being an introvert and a big mouth at times, I was always switched on, even laughing along with their stupid jokes.

More on the topic of dating desire and casual sex, i.e., modern-day prostitution. An Australian study conducted among online dating site users confirmed something interesting about Arabian men, Asian men and women. This study further elaborated on profile clicks, message replies, etc. It concluded that if it was not biased sponsored, the dynamics were all too familiar with, excluding the Indian females.

Furthermore, as it turned out in real life, It is not always fireworks and chopsticks between the yes-sayers and the pick-me crowds.
Note that yellow fever is a bit overdrawn and can even infuriate some white men. But that falls on hairy ears.

The results were interesting.

Unfortunately, the line between prostitution in Western societies wherein casual sex is promoted. A culture of intoxication, skimpy clothes, rolling out of bars while drunk, going home with sometimes more than one man, and having one-night stands has long been a vague one.
So are the excuses. You see, I used to be friends with White women, and some of them were getting lots of action despite looking below average. Of course, that is a classmate, a good friend of your friend, and though I did not understand everything, it was their culture, so you let that be.
Statistically, the average white woman has had about ten sexual partners before her I-does.

That is narrowed down by default, even excluding the numbers of women working in the not-so-wholesome industries. We all know better; as the famous saying goes, it sometimes takes more than two to tango. And that is already between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. Some things are first embraced as cool until they are not; that is where political correctness and excuses kick in. And those excuses are creativity on steroids.

One of these presumably cool things in the lifetime of the average White woman is having a slut, period.

For others, it’s a long list of mistakes in search of validation, fitting in, or THE ONE, a tedious process for some starting at sixteen.

Mind you, Instagram and Onlyfans are just exposing what has been happening for a long time. These are business models simply catering to the supply and demand. And it is naive to assume that it is just the ‘Hot’ chicks that are getting all the action.

Other groups of women are rolling the dice, and they equally deserve that ‘crazy’ label.

Even if a woman has yeast infection growing on her face or is completely covered with facial hair, a man is always willing to lean against that colossus, subscribe to her Onlyfans, and even feed her until she turns into his desired comfort cushion.

The Western male species is not very particular in his partner choice. Thus, there is always a willing participant to be found who is then easily tricked into sleeping with basically anything while drunk.

As it turns out, the world economy does, to a degree, revolve around the beautification of women for a reason. It is backed by a cooperative and willing alley who does possess the brains.

In Western societies where prostitution is normalised, a former whore can be turned into a Saint by simply converting to any religion really.

We live in a society where White women are the business model, i.e. the commodity that is exchanged to get into the West.

A marriage scheme wherein a White woman is used as a decoy to get a few cousins their passports is one example.

No one flinches at the idea of one woman marrying more than five times with people from the same country because everything is plausible in the West.

First, hypersexuality in young people is applauded, and then becoming a mother or motherhood is considered to be the saviour, the eraser of promiscuity, or the ultimate cure for sluthood.

In today’s societies, you will find twenty-two-year-olds correcting their larger labia to keep their boyfriends around, just so their bodies look more similar to those women from their favourite indecent movies.

The designer vulva is not just sought after by Western women, blessed with flabby bottom bits for practical reasons. But, it’s particularly popular amongst White women to increase their market value as well.

One does not need to be a heavyset woman to have large sets of outer lips; that is a misconception.

For the ultimate impressionable one, a visit to the clinic is enough to not feel behind in life, i.e., doped into motherhood. Yet, for others, becoming mothers means getting a foot in a secure social security system.

It starts with the mothers putting their young girls early on the pill. Consequently, the bodies of most Western women develop too early and differently. Sometimes, it is slightly unusual or out of proportion. The obviously larger bosom size has been a telling sign of early maturity in increasing numbers of younger women.

Early maturity is then forcefully demonstrated through fashion because a thirteen-year-old in need of a large bustier no longer fits her age group’s clothes. She is also limited in her overall physical activities and often suffers from other growing pains.

Now that little Suzie is looking older but appears to be developmentally delayed, she is easily taken advantage of, especially during her peak years, i.e., experimental slut-era.

The idea of adultification of young black girls in the U.S. is based on what is actually going on with young white women.

Also, an attentive observer once noted that more than just marriages are born at pleasant workplaces.

Western scientists have researched the exact ratio of the female body that can be revealed on professional grounds to be considered acceptable and not too sexy or distracting to others.

A brilliant combination: the approval from the higher forces and cultures that were already feeding into the sexual liberation of modern women. What a way to go, A mindset that has only caused the sexual appetite of the Western White woman to spiral, of course, sponsored by contraceptives, sex-ed, porn addiction, a never-ending list of intimate care products and also abortion.

The trap of encouraging young White women to explore their sexuality to earn their place in society and thus to be equal to the opposite gender has long been a farce.

You often hear female artist growing into their own by owning their sexuality. They are, basically, profiting off sex the same way an exotic dancer and a stripper does.

That attitude the West came to adopt has only fueled the change in their fashion sense and sexual appetite, thus also hormonal-induced changes in their physical appearance.

One of the reasons White women, especially, age so poorly.

Fourteen-year-olds look like twenty and twenty-year-olds easily pass for thirty-five.

Women who were sexually active at an early age and thus felt sexually liberated by anti-contraceptives are now among those women, respectfully, looking slightly off the radar.

It is not strange that interesting mental health conditions plague these women due to the challenges they encounter, undoubtedly as part of the one-night stand culture and years of hormonal abuse.

You know, the one in her twenties who is scratching her thighs so hard against each other that she is out of breath by the time she reaches the opposite side of the room. The White chick with an ass so big you can easily park your 15' laptop on top of her magnificent backside.

The elephant in the room that looks something like this 👇

Scandinavia’s very own Snow White

The irony is that women who look like that extract their self-confidence from the number of sexual partners they have had. They boast about it to gain other women’s respect and approval.

The boasting is also an attempt to attach themselves to others, hoping others who appear to them as different are like them.
In doing so, they seek allies to feel comfort in their sense of self, state of mind and overall well-being.

Above all, it is a way to get everyone else they admire on their level.

Intelligence is never Miss Piggy’s stronghold. That part stems from the engraved systematic racist and collective bias her tiny brain is cultivated in.

Ever since I published this story, strange things have happened. Not only has it cultivated negative attention, but also devious and vile interpretations, such as making excuses on behalf of redhead, which turns it into a race matter issue, especially among those who idolise whites and have trouble getting laid outside prostituting themselves.
Mothers with a lack of sense of humour wanting to get rid of the sons they even hate.
Did Redhead have a name? Asked one.

That story is leading a life of its own.
What irritates us can be amusing to others.

It’s a spinster’s tale, making lesbians’ hearts tickle, after all.

And the uncanny interest of the loose, obese woman such as the specimen above, who was disappointed that I was not on the fat allegiance. After coming to terms with the fact that those people from that story were probably wrong about how fat I supposedly was. She proceeded to project her sexual biography and other low-life fantasies on me anyway.

There is an uncontrollable urge and entitlement of former prostitutes, who are, by society’s standards, held as superhuman or immune to being ridiculed thanks to their single ability to squeeze out another human.

Fat women not only gaslight societies into sympathy. But they also successfully traumatise the next generation by blaming their obesity on their kids.

A body does not exponentially grow to that extent just by having one kid. Besides, nobody asked these women to have kids in the first place.

On top of that, motherhood somehow gives women a licence to shame others who made better choices than they were ever able to think of.

Where did all the sluts go?

Ow, those, they are mothers now.

They are raising the next generation of brave men and women.

The antics of the loose, flabby-winged squat can be as petty as they are mentally disabled and rootless. But there is a crowd that entertains that.

As a comedian once, to his alleged surprise, joked, fat chicks get some action, too, man. And they are good at it too because they have to try harder to get some.

Today, they have turned years of emotional and psychological abuse they endured into the venom they spute.

Their antics are not so subtle, either.

Ever heard of a swine orgasm?
Here is an audio of that specimen shouting Nazi-like racist slurs.

With the tiniest bit of imagination, one can visualise without ever meeting Scandinavia’s homegrown Miss hump that even with an ultra-hip dietary restriction, it was inevitable for her to cultivate a derriere of that magnitude. That, together with the dangerous COCKtail of no self-respect and low self-esteem, drizzled with the delusion of appealing to the opposite side powered by and misled by contraceptives.

Women that look like that don’t grow a gigantic backside like that overnight. That is the work of years of hormonal intake, her inability to never say no to men, and her eagerness to belong throughout her high school years.

Miss Piggy above lovingly refers to the male genitalia of her preference as the elephant truck. That Scandinavian specimen is a product of her time.

Sadly, the White equivalent of Sarah Baartman in today’s world is lust after. There is enough material to study for biology purposes that, unfortunately, is not deemed good enough for a museum, saved by women of her calibre.

There is an entire generation like that.

There is a market for fat, promiscuous women such as the one above.

No hobbies other than sleeping around? Hate.
Can not fit on a single aeroplane seat? Hate.

For the prostitute or the son of, it is tough to figure out life without the whorish equation.

Life is hard for the intellectually challenged, with only their pig skin to rely on.

The main reason White women, specifically, scatter themselves so thin is their lack of moral compass, not self-confidence. It has nothing to do with absent white fathers or equally progressive mothers. More unfortunate is the sense of self-worth these women gain from sleeping around and how that translates to boastful behaviour to prove their worth to others.

Most White women don’t understand that easiness does not equate to attractiveness.

From the victims of the trafficking to the tinders-windler and the ISIS brides. Most of these women are White women.

But who is to blame, really, and what kind of a world are we creating if we first delude young women of self-discipline, hard work, and mannerisms to push them into lazy jobs and motherhood?

The idea of women comparing themselves to other women they have nothing to do with is mental. I do look fat in my small, nothing wrong with your eyes.
Jealousy does not look good on most white women.

Want to travel? Hop on a plane and go for it.
Are you tired of being a mother? Are kids weighing you down? Give them up for adoption.

An Emu is a bird native to the Australian continent, known for its impressive behind.

No one other than yourself is to blame for your life’s choices.




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