Blogging journey; An update

Every day vs weekends vs purposeful (activist blog)

What works?
The process of writing is different for everyone. What works for you does not have to work for everyone else. Thus, there is no standard formula. Some people on Medium are recycling their writing advice. Spare yourself the time.

Besides the content, much of the shenanigans on Medium are about willful support, not genuine sportsmanship.

I have been blogging for quite a bit and experimenting with what would work best for me, for my schedule, the average Medium-reader and the content of an article. In doing this, I have only looked at time and frequency, not at topics to write about.

What do I like? And how much time am I willing to spend on blog writing alone?

So I have experimented with writing every day for some weeks, divided over separate time frames.
I have also done weekend blogs. And some at random blogs in between(spontaneous).

Here is what I found;
Blogging with a purpose is sporadic and would be based on a cause I’d be passionate about. Creating awareness on a matter that bugs me or something I find worth sharing with the rest of the world—usually a case of injustice, politics etc. But always real.
These blogs only generate a specific type of following; even then, the pool of support is minimalistic. At times, but seldom, it angers someone. That someone would most likely be a transgender person. They’d then ask me to change something in my article because it would somehow be better then. When something like that happens, it’s usually a confirmation that I am doing something right.

Thus, I, too, am on the right track, baby. 🥳

I’d never agree with suggested changes to any of my articles to fit someone else’s worldview. Pretty rude to ask, by the way.

A weekend blog generally results in better content. It allows me to keep an excellent level of consistency in delivering lengthy, worthwhile articles.

Writing every day is more time-consuming and generally demands more of a daily routine. It also has to be planned out. If not based on random inspiration, but that is not on demand.
The blog post can vary from short to long, mainly about current affairs. A poem or absurd situations that are derived from real-life occurrences based on societal issues. Some of that is worth sharing
because it is not something everyone would necessarily be aware of or know about. The case of Muslim males stealing photos of Muslim women from social media is an example of that. These are ridiculous issues but rather specific. An English-speaking preacher addressed this matter in one of his digital sermons (which happened in the UK). It is not fiction nor nonsense but essential to emphasise.

Writing or reading fiction is not something I am drawn to.
Real-life stories and how societies treat these are far more intriguing to me. Hence, I greatly admire writers posting about non-issues on that level for their inspiration.
I prefer spontaneous inspiration or sharing rational, balanced views on matters with more substance.

Regarding followers, the frequency of your writing does not make a difference in gaining more followers (my findings). The gross of Medium-users is guided by the follow-for-follow principle, with exceptions for politicians. For most people, it is not about the quality of content you write. Thus the average reading time I get on my articles is a minute and a half for a lengthy article(750 words-1000).

Either the readers on Medium have superpower reading skills, or people are not that invested in following through with their clicks. Click, clap, if ever, and run; that is what it basically comes down to. It also does not matter whether the blog is written on a weekend or during the week. People are more drown to negativity.

The intensity of writing every day while having a life is overwhelming for most people.

Do what works for you. And follow for more if you have learned something.



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Warsan Garrow

I write about Management, Entrepreneurship, societal issues and injustices. Encourage people to do better. Critical thinker & General Enthusiast❣