Can we passively count on hope during the breakdown of Western civilisations?

A clearer perspective in hindsight.

Warsan Garrow
6 min readAug 19, 2023


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In Western democracies where partying, booze, casual sex, and one-night stands are at their prime. What’s on the other side of the fence might sound alluring. Up kept lawns, where the grass is shorter and even appears greener.
So, for a rapidly increasing group of young women, looking over the fence occasionally did not seem out of character as it naturally fit with their cultures that encouraged them to explore their sexuality.

And in the same way, their predecessors explored the oceans, they too would go on the hunt and compete for men.

As one revert once wrote, “In every relationship I had been in, there was always that unsettling feeling of potential deceit lurking. I was tired of looking over my shoulder, wanting to have his passwords and occasionally checking his messages. Afraid he would walk off back to his ex, after an argument, to what was familiar and felt safe. That his ex would hunt him down and successfully lure him back into her life.”
She added to have always been missing something, being restless and having found that calm in Islam.

Words of a Western — White female revert finally found her heart at peace.

Things did not end well for many other curious women in her position, turning their backs on cultures they no longer recognised themselves in.

When Aladdin persuaded the princess to let her heart decide and promised her a dazzling new world to explore while flying on a magic carpet.

Jasmin was tempted and accepted that offer.

Meanwhile,in the real world, many other bright-eyed little princesses turned brave hearts were also tempted.

Young women cultivated in the West who enjoyed what could be viewed as a ‘privileged’ upbringing ignored all the alarming signs from the world around them and dared not to ask but rather fell hard for their Aladdin.
These mostly Western women, adults, must have been bored out of their minds to rebel in the way they did. Comprising everything they had by participating in holy wars based on clouded emotions. So consumed in this rabbit hole, it must have been challenging to find the path back and maybe at that stage, there were no choices given.
These young women, if alive, are being trialled in their respective home countries. Turning these countries’ jurisdiction, mental health facilities and how the penitentiary system operates upside down.

Here is the catch, most do not want to be trialled in the third-world country they were fighting for and thus committed their crimes in; consequently, they are pleading to be victims. These amateur war veterans are demanding fair trials from their home countries, knowing the judicial perks and lenient loopholes there are to be found and in the Western jurisdiction when White. It’s easy to sympathise with a woman from your own who now looks like she is channelling a painting from the early 19th century.

Rebel knows how to cut corners, and so, now they are demanding to get privileges their peers do not get. Some countries have agreed to prosecute their soldiers in their home countries.

Understandably, it is difficult to bring someone like that to trial, considering the trauma she endured. Besides, things have gotten slightly out of hand since her bold, impulsive decision, and children who might have never known different circumstances are involved now. They might be carrying irreversible psychological trauma as well.

Thus, Western countries with civilians like this are presented with many complex dilemmas; that require special attention that could take years to solve.

This begs the question; Does the EU have the capacity to create and attract a multifaceted network of skilled professionals that are coordinated with competent officials?

Also, how do you measure the level of expertise required of the professionals you want to select for this job?

These types of passionate war crimes are unique to the West on different levels.

After all, the laws in the West were never designed to trial bright-eyed homegrown terrorist and their children for war crimes. A call for a drastic change in legislation. When your perfect democracy has cultivated traders of your own flesh and blood, what do you do?

This could mean revaluing the entire Western governance system. Not only challenging its court system.
Disability pension laws must be reviewed because some princesses that managed to return are missing body parts.
This puts pressure on government housing and tests the corners and limits of child welfare rights too. Moreover, war creates orphans who need more than just accommodation.

Though the blame factory has exceeded its limits, there is always space in the integration programmes. Therefore, since there are not enough specialists, many of these troubled individuals’ cases will end up on the pile of reintegration programmes. Others will get a slap on the wrist and be offered coaching programmes by social workers, and the West will once again shoot itself in the foot.

Matters such as these should call for stern law reform.
But that is difficult to achieve when you don’t have enough mental health experts and other specialists and lack the facilities to provide these individuals with the right treatment programmes.

There is the fear of creating re-offenders and mutations of these radical individuals within those centres.

Lawmakers make sure to redirect public attention to non-issues. We have now reached the ultimate heights of dissecting language, reinventing grammar, the purpose of make-up and reassigning public toilets.

But we don’t know how to deal with the stream of radicalising youth and all these other extreme individuals and groups that are formed and popping everywhere.

We may never know what drives people to go the crazy route.

And though, Jasmin’s world wasn’t as splendid as Aladdin promised. Emotion is a strong motivator for people to do the unthinkable.

Now the magic carpet is swept away from under our feet; the truth is casually unfolding, and I know I won’t be captivated by what will come next.

Do we owe the bored rebel whose initial drive was perhaps filled with good intent sympathy? What was their motivation, and why did not the cautioning scare tactics work?
They might have finally felt part of something and had a strong sense of belonging stemming from other things. Maybe, they were under the impression that being on the right side of history (aren’t we all?), already plagued by mental health problems, ex-addicts with nothing to lose, hoping to make amends with a higher being after a turbulent life, vengeful?

Making excuses is different from trying to understand underlying motives.

Others feel compelled to participate in something or vote a certain way because of fear, security, leveraging on economic status, social status etc.
Hence, why most people, in hindsight, contemplate and ponder about how they could have been impacted, swept away by ridiculousness, on such a detrimental scale. Deception creeps in slowly, and most people gravitate towards ease over a challenge. Previously carved-out paths are alluring, and there is comfort in thinking; the majority cannot be wrong. Thus, some people affirm things they might not fully comprehend and choose what is expected. That path has already been laid out for them, so it must be safe.

Others do exactly the opposite, like irrational Susan, who is now missing a foot and an eye but only requires our sympathy.

Are situations like these the result of our societies; we encourage everyone to question things to hail the rebel, but we fail to warn people accordingly. Or is this something that crept in while we were too bothered with our busy, happy lives?

Our societies are doing the same with transgender individuals. There is not enough light shed for those who regret transitioning or de-transitioning.
Are humans the new lab rats? Is their inadequate criticism of the medical communities enabling minors and the mentally ill to transition?

In a way, we are all dreamers and idealistic; whatever calms our thoughts and soothes our hearts is where we find comfort, but we can only truly rely on a sound mind.



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