Define Happiness…

Joy, Happiness, and laughter are three things often intertwined. People who laugh a lot are not always happy and happy people do not have to laugh hard or smile to express their sense of Happiness. These are emotions but not synonymous with one another.

Joy is an instant emotion; It is something you feel after accomplishing something or looking at something that you love — getting a cuddle from those you love or a confessed emotion towards your character.

After climbing that mountain, you have wanted to climb for the longest time. Taking that trip, you had always dreamed about. Events like these are joyous because they bring you joy. It is a temporary feeling then you go back to feeling your normal happy self or content self. No one is ever joyous all the time.

Joy is often mistaken for Happiness—also a positive emotion, but it's not joy. One can have a constant feeling of contentment simply by being at ease with oneself and their surroundings. A sigh of gratitude is happiness. Being happy with your life is a happy place. However, if not awkward, it would be strange to laugh aloud or excessively smile about it.

People with sound minds can distinguish these feelings within themselves and recognise these different emotions. These are also the same people who are not vocal about their Happiness. Once you have to tell people you are happy, there might be something wrong.
Same for people who always claim to be smiling. No one smiles when just going about their business; doing grocery shopping — waiting for their bus, or sitting on the train. No one with a good head on their shoulders smiles while reading a newspaper unless the story is comical. Then my bad.

People who smile while waiting for their train to come might, in actual reality, can be suffering from a mental health problem without even knowing it. However, they are mistaken for those who are more likely to “light up the room”. Or wrongfully classified as generally happy and outgoing people. They might actually be hiding something interesting.
In many cases, there is much hidden behind the overly flamboyant laugh. This is sinister because displaying Happiness does not make people happier. Pretending to be the life of the party is not an indication of a happy brain.

Some seem to be smiling all the time yet wipe out their entire families. Some of these smiling people are actually serial killers. In hindsight, it's those you’d never expect.

Then there are those who laugh at the most mundane things because their dirty minds kicked in. At times in the middle of the supermarket aisle while doing their groceries. This might actually be a type of psychosis.
These things don’t immediately cross our minds as most of us don’t like to assume the worst in others. I hope?

No one tells his friend, “Dude, I think you are having a psychosis cause that shit is in your head. It is not funny. Cut it out.”

In short, there is a lot to consider before embracing those with smiling faces.
Here is my experience with those who are always smiling and laughing without anyone ever making a funny joke or statement;
They are not necessarily happy. In fact, the opposite is often the case. They are vicious, unnecessary competitive and see everyone as a threat and petty things as something to compete about. They are entitled. They could be calculated psychopaths and most definitely great actors.

It is what’s happening behind the façade of a smiling face that is intriguing.



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