Degenerative Conduct

Ever been in situations so uncomfortable and awkward that you wished you could tell somebody what a pathetic, sad person they were on the spot — with no repercussions?

Excuse me; you're polluting the air with your shit talk.

Well, that's where I am with those who talk non-stop about senseless stuff and especially come with a self, proclaimed brilliant mind filled with shit; sorry, that is dirty.

Our communities have reached the lowest level of degeneration, and by now, I am wondering whether it's true what these doomsday preppers are thinking. God, please, end it all already!

In today’s society, you can not slice a cucumber in front of co-workers during lunch hour or smear a bit of butter on a piece of bread without some old decaying female giggling. Yup, in the vicinity of today’s adult’s mundane things, in a similar fashion to the imagination of a five-year-old, everyday things can become a spaceship or a soldier.

There seems to be no end to this type of classlessness, usually an indication that you are dealing with toxic people, workspace or environment.

Surprise, surprise, the answer is always the same. I have a dirty mind, or it's just our humour.
You read that correct; apparently, a pandemic of human waste is constantly triggered by their dirty minds. That can happen at any moment in the most inappropriate places; in the waiting room at the doctors, in the queue for the ladies or at the workplace.

And these individuals are not the problem. Oh no, it's you that has to learn the Western culture. You barbaric ape, how dare you criticise our behaviour?

This is telling for the following reasons, and it does not matter how old these people are, whether they are married or not.

1. It's an indication of low morale and poor upbringing.
2. Bad or poor boundaries.
3. Possible indication of sexual abuse at a younger age -because even 16-year-old Susie today is bugged by her dirty mind. And sometimes mum is there functioning as the giggling sidekick, proud of her parenting skills.
4. It takes much away from your character -it teaches us about who you are as a person at the core, without the mask and other phoney shenanigans; your essence.
5. Your tongue exposes the ideas that live in your heart and mind. It should concern those around you as it indicates something not being okay in your home life situation.
6. It's a giveaway of your level of intellect and professionalism.
7. Lacking also basic human decency.

If your dirty mind is a joy for life, then why get embarrassed after you are called out?
Why does the social contract, i.e. the relationship you often have with your co-workers, die out instantly? Why does the dynamic of your relationship become awkward and uncomfortable when confronted?

People with dirty minds associate the most mundane things in life with s e x because giggles giggles their brain works differently, and thus, they can't help themselves. Or so they tell us.

When dealing with people like that, I tell them that their conduct is not amusing to me.
You are losing credibility as an adult when you try to be the clown on the job with these cheap jokes. Your professionalism vanished, and you lost face with such childish conduct. Not only that, but you have just exposed your essence.
Whatever report you and I tried to establish just demolished—evaporated in thin air. I won't tell you this probably to your face, but in my head, you are scum, a waste. You won't even be an acquaintance of mine because who would want to be associated with trash? You exposed what you are. What every single fibre of you is made of; Filth.

I usually determine where you stand with me within the first ten minutes of meeting you.

So if you question why I become distant or might be avoidant or weird, as you would probably describe it, then take a look in the mirror.

It does not matter how far you've come in life and the field of profession you are in, whether you're excelling in what you do or just averaging and cruising along life. You have lost all respect.

How is this behaviour so mainstream, especially accepted from middle-aged women?

Forget embarrassment. Aren't you ASHAMED of yourself?

Don't you understand the basic principle that whatever occupies your brain defines you? That is what you are. You're not fooling anyone other than completely degrading yourself.

To all the men that keep these types of females around, don't you have standards? Why aren't all the alarm bells going off when you're willingly entertaining that?

Because once you start a meaningful confronting dialogue, these women are somehow engaged, married etc.


Talking about the company you keep.

There is a reason why the fling is your fling. But you should especially be concerned when the love of your life has a mind that works like that. She has been around and seen things; she is passed around. Why else would she be displaying such primitive conduct?

It is tiring.

You are dumb-struck. Run fool. Run!

On a serious note, individuals like that should be put on temporary leave, a time out from work, to think about their inappropriate behaviour.



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Warsan Garrow

I write about Management, Entrepreneurship, societal issues and injustices. Encourage people to do better. Critical thinker & General Enthusiast❣