Hate me now; thank me later

Global warming is something that has been chewed out and spit out. Overly discussed but wrongly blamed on Western industries only.

Young brilliant men are still coming to the West on student visas, mainly from safe Asian countries. Countries like India and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Singapore and Chinese Malaysians from Malaysia. Of course, there are also precious migrants from the holy grounds. As if expanding your holy land was not enough, the world appears to be a Jewish oyster.
Comfortable to the extent where the now unrecognisable Jewish man is the one who defines what a foreigner is. In most West-European countries and the US, they grace every podium with their venomous ideas while dissecting words like ‘foreign’ and ‘immigrant.’ Full-blown anti-muslim agenda without rhetoric or any consequence.
It is the Jewish representative of the ‘left’ that gets to go on national TV to plant seeds of hatred about people of colour and Muslims. It is all good, and the native Whites will nod in agreement due to saturation, peer pressure or the untouchable holy Christian Judeo concept. No critical questions are ever asked of a male whose passing for White.

There is no immediate actual danger for many immigrants in their home countries. Aren’t we supposed to stand and fight for our rights everywhere? Isn’t that what has happened throughout the history of civilisation? People died fighting for the freedoms of future generations.
It is yet to be proven that homosexuals in Persia and Iraq are prosecuted, or Chinese people are put in prison for having opposing ideas.
Same with North Africans, from Morocco to Egypt. Except for the notion of misgovernance and a bad economy, there is no danger for North Africans to live in their lands. In order words, mass immigration is a direct consequence of mismanagement and Western corruption.

There are too many loopholes in the criteria for asylum. Hence, why the Western immigration policies in place right now are failing everyone. Soon we will be in a situation where fundamental human rights are also overturned.
When you go by the book, you’ll find that most asylum-seekers will not meet the criteria for asylum.
There is no war in Vietnam right now. There is certainly no need for Chinese students to study in the West to stay permanently because China is one of the largest economies in the world. Wet-Markets in the West in the form of China-towns are redundant.

There is no war in all of the countries mentioned above. None of the citizens of these countries is in a life-threatening situation.

Some immigrants give themselves out for those from the lavant region of the middle-East. For Lebanese during the Libanon war. For Syrian, due to the Syrian war. Others pas for Palestinians. It is about which country is in turmoil and getting asylum on the grounds of being from that country based on language skills.
Indeed, some common sense tells us that Arabic is not only spoken in the Middle East. But does an immigration agent understand that too?

How come people from Somaliland are still eligible for asylum when Somaliland is, in fact, a safe nation? Why not recognise it as a country so these people can go on with their lives. Get loans from the World-bank and participate in world economic trade.
What about Djibouti? Why are there so many people from Djibouti in the West? Was there ever a war in Djibouti?

Even Africans from Burundi and Kenya are eligible for asylum as Somalis.

Somalilanders per capita are the largest group of migrants that return to their home country. Somalilanders have already established a tradition of reassuring their children of a safe home by going back and having their kids on Somaliland soil.

The internet connects Somalilanders to the world. Hence, the Somalilanders can work from Somaliland for Western institutions(Work different).

Picture the idea of no culture clash, harassment and elbow work in a Western office. I believe it's a win for all parties.

Such policy enables the West to facilitate a developing country economically. Let Somaliland evolve alongside the rest of the world.

It comes down to the lack of critical policy at Western borders and the selection of employees for certain crucial positions based on language skills only. People with vocational backgrounds are over-estimated and selected on irrelevant criteria. Somewhat handicapped in most cases due to inbreeding, still valued and chosen due to historical penetration. Affiliation with terror and corruption and ill intent. The most recent examples are the ISIS goers and fighters.

Numbing it with anti-depressants or migrating to the other side of the world has been popular for some Western European people. Running from trouble but imposing the same lousy rule of law elsewhere has failed.

When you put a North-African male that speaks Arabic in the immigration department of a Western country, you’re guaranteed that people from his country will get through the screening process with less effort. Instead, select an academically qualified critical thinker for that position, and the flow of immigrants will change.

How is the West missing the influx and over-representation of North Africans and Jews in their countries without asking questions? Is this the latest attempt of the West to assist the expansion of the holy land?
What is the end goal exactly? Is it to impose outrageous liberal ideas to simultaneously distract and colonise the West?
Surely intelligent people can establish well-functioning governments in their home countries.

Millions of Asian females were recruited via postorder bride websites and apps made by Asians, and no one is flinching. We are talking about billions if not a trillion of Asians across the entire Asian continent, from the Middle East to the outskirts of Taiwan.
North Africans and South Europeans have implied the same tactics on the verge of creating a sense of belonging for themselves and securing land ownership for their seed.

Why do you think East-European and Russian postorder brides are popular among Middle-Eastern men, Jews, and Muslims alike? Becoming White is a means to gain in the West. Forget about religious principles. It is about RACE. There is nothing wrong with mixed-race couples, but it concerns billions of people who all have a goal of blending and getting rooted in the West. Thus a change in their genetic makeup is necessary. Problematic, since it's billions with a possible plan.
Evidently, it comes down to land ownership, thus gradually imposing different legislative rules in the name of a democratical vote. Once that happens, the new Whites make the legislation, which everyone can live with as it is considered normal. Isn’t that why Black Americans in the US are still stigmatised and murdered?

Criminal conduct goes under the radar once those who want to identify as White get to do so. Gullible White people never suspect something cruel from their ‘own kind’. The reason why paedophiles get away with what they do for years without anyone suspecting any harm.

Who will reassure Western democracy, safety and peace when the same foreign barbaric rule is applied over time? From living out a quiet fantasy of gang rape on office grounds to acid throwing on women because a NO is unacceptable. From entire market street with only Deshi shops to massive Hasidic colonies. From honour killings for Turkish, Afghani, Iraqi and Pakistani women to half-White bastard children ticking the White box to be featured in a pornographic movie.

Too much of anything is a danger to Western democracy. Imagine the impact of 4-million votes from a single tight-knit ethnic group in one Western country alone?

I am pleading for change. There is something to say for temporary citizenships. It is a system that allows people to share their skills and utilise them in their home countries. A circular way of going about the immigration problem gives other vulnerable people the same chances. Entering the West to obtain essential skills and forced return to give back once remigration is established.

Developed nations should be pressured to employ new immigrants much sooner. Learning by doing equals learning the language quicker, meaning faster integration which translates to the overall improvement the economy.

Resolve internal conflicts via diplomatic actions enforced by and with the help of Western lawmakers, diplomats, economy professionals and engineers. Send your best professionals away to help establish and cultivate a better North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Millions of expatriates are already working in many of these countries, including the Golf.

There is no need for Chinese cleaners in Western hospitals, Universities or museums. That is wasted talent because the Chinese have a higher IQ and are intellectuals.

Syrian asylum seekers are now teaching Arabic in Western countries, which is strange.
What’s in it for the West to be so invested in the entire Asian continent and ultimately derive Africa from investments?

The need for constant migrant workers is overrated. Western countries will soon be polluted with fear. Women’s rights and LGBTQ rights are essentially in danger.

A networking culture of favouritism rather than skill through governments, covert racism and corruption causes more damage to the West than anything else.



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