Herbs & Spiced vegetable soup

A Culinary feast

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Kook water in a stew pot or soup pot. You can add a block of vegetarian or halal meat broth to enhance the taste. But the combination of herbs, the right amount of salt with the garlic, onions, and cheese topped with the sweat discretion from the squash and pumpkin, together with the bitterness of olive oil, should give enough of a spice bite for this soup.

Once the water is boiling, add sweet potato or pumpkin cubes with finely chopped herbs, onions cut in circles, potato cubes, carrot pieces, and cocoa beans. Boil on low heat for twenty minutes.

Then, add vermicelli or a broken spaghetti to create the illusion of vermicelli. Make sure not to do this in the vicinity of an Italian. By doing this, your soup will automatically thicken.
Add the other beans, squash, and diced cherry tomatoes.

While everything is slowly cooking, you can make your herbs and oil paste mixture. Grab a mortar or a food processor and insert the handful of basil, garlic, salt, whole black peppers.
You aim to get a rich consistency of herbs that is not runny but smooth in texture; instead, it is essential to sprinkle olive oil while gradually adding cheese to keep the smoothness.

Some add these herbs paste to the soup in small editions or use it as a dip on the side.

Once that is done, you check on your soup. The soup is ready once you can poke through your vegetables and your vermicelli is cooked enough.

This soup is wholesome on its own; however, you can eat it with baguette pieces or other ciabatta bread on the side, as mentioned.

Supplies required to prepare;
Medium-large Soup pot,
Mortar/ food processor
Chopping board and cutting utensils

Ingredients required for Herbs spice mixture
1.5 dl extra virgin olive oil
20 g pecorino cheese
15 g of goat cheese
3 to 4 garlic cloves
200 g of basil
One ts of salt

Photo by RASA DIBALIK LENSA on Unsplash

Ingredients required for the soup;
One litre of water
Two Celery sticks
Couple of bay leaves
200 g sweet potato or pumpkin
One squash
200 g cocoa beans
100 g White beans(haricot beans)
Two garrots discs
Two onions (cut in rings)
200 g potatoes (cut in roughly in four pieces)
4 Cherry tomatoes

A hand of Parsley(fresh has preference) But if you opt for dried parsley use up to three spoons full

Two Celery sticks

Couple of bay leaves

A bit of Thyme

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