Horse fact 04

Polo originated in Persia and was played by up to 100 players per team.
Polo already existed in what’s called Iran today 2500 ago. From there, it spread across Asia. British officers founded the first official polo club with fixed rules in Kolkata (India) in 1862. India, more so than Pakistan, has a solid history with Britain, France and the Netherlands, as they once were part of the 400-year-lasting slave empire. Hence why British sports are rooted, played and vastly popular in both countries.
Today, Polo is played in teams consisting of four; it is known in about 80 countries worldwide.

The PoloPony

You have seen those images of members of the British Royal family or the elite in Argentina playing a match of Polo. The horses they use are compact and not taller than 153cm. The Polopony originates from the thoroughbreds; they are strikingly built with strong legs that are fast as they have to act quick because Polo demands a lot of fast turns and stops. Moreover, they are agile, next to fast, and the best polo ponies, according to the horse breeding society, are Criollo-crossbreeds from Argentina.



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