How Social Media numbs & dumbs down our societies

Social Media feeds the egos of psychopaths, sociopaths, and closeted racists. In order words, the feeble and wannabe bullies. Weak people whose brain development has stayed behind should technically know better than behaving in specific ways — those who act out of character in the hopes of being counted for and finally being somebody.

Cause lets be honest, you are only somebody when you are trending as the ‘Bad B*tch’ when you are going viral thanks to strangers encouraging and liking your nudes every week.

Like social Media exposes the underbelly of our societal issues. It also glorifies everything terrible and wrong in our world — unthinkable stuff. But we give it likes; thus, more people are encouraged to behave in the same fashion.
It basically fuels everything that is not ideal. We as a society should say NO to and STOP that is NOT FUNNY, nor is that DESERVING of a like, share or view.

Social Media is poisoning young minds and weak minds simultaneously. It encourages closeted racists and is the sole reason our society is worse off than 25years ago.

I keep using the term closeted racist because more and more people are comfortable openly displaying their racism towards minorities. Some people do not even have the words nor the ability to phrase something in a certain way but have heard or read something somewhere and are now using the same words that don’t feel natural to them in an attempt to dehumanise others, which is comical to notice in itself. This attitude concerns White ‘closeted racists’ and everyone with internal issues. People who trick their brains into being fantastical human beings and don’t comprehend the meaning of NO. Those who are by default just better than everyone else. People who think they hold the power of authority over others. Entitlement is so widespread and normalised today that ordinary everyday people and those in power are now expected to explain themselves continuously. Forget always providing context; people are now forced to apologise for just having an opinion, if at all, about their thought processes and who they are.
Thanks, so lack of critical thinkers working for prominent media outlets, stupid social media users are given a podium. Everyone is someone relevant. Everyone matters except when they really matter.
Not apologising for translates into cancellation. Who gave these idiots such power, you ask?
Of course, all of it is done in the name of ‘free will’ and democracy.

We should all walk on eggshells and continuously and repeatedly apologise for the usual things we say. But wait a minute. Insults are comical. So is behaving like an asshole because that makes you someone’s hero. After all, IT IS SOCIAL MEDIA that sets the tone for what is acceptable behaviour. When in fact, we are collectively achieving exactly the opposite with the pretence of free speech that gives one the right to spread false information and insult others. Nevertheless, responses that flow out of that are internalised and damaging to a broader audience who usually have nothing to do with you but are offended next to the great homegrown terrorist.

Head over heart. Mind over matter.

We have moved away from common decency. We have now landed at a place where we are desensitised from reality. Even adults do not know how to behave or be respectful.

I say that because I care about your mental state and our shared overall well-being. We all want to return wholesome to our houses after a day at work or a day out. We all aim to stay in the same happy spirits, content mode as we had left our homes earlier the same day.




Author | Business owner | Aesthetica | Photography |Product developer, Inventor | Outdoorsy & Adventurous | General enthusiast.

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Warsan Garrow

Warsan Garrow

Author | Business owner | Aesthetica | Photography |Product developer, Inventor | Outdoorsy & Adventurous | General enthusiast.

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