How to gain weight for the winter months

Warsan Garrow
2 min readNov 4, 2023
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If you eat what you want, but you struggle with putting on weight where it's welcome, or you're cold all the time. You may want to refrain from eating excessive amounts of food just to gain half a pound in the places you want to increase your body fat.

When you're cold all the time and like to beef up for the winter months, then it helps to increase the intake of healthy foods known to increase your overall body mass, such as porridge, for example.

The key to happiness is to never deprive yourself of the things that bring you inner joy. The upkeep of the inner joy levels is vital and strongly correlated to one's diet.
Once you impose restrictions on yourselves, happiness levels plummet.

Have healthy limits; that is what’s required of you when eating. There is no such thing as binge eating, binge watching or ‘going all out’ in the gym.

Have chocolate for breakfast; If that makes you happy, don’t complain.

What matters is starting the day on the right note.

Indulging in your favourite processed foods can help you put on the necessary extra few pounds required to get through the winter months.
For the sweet tooth, that could mean an increase in sugar intake. But that does not translate to a mad increase in unhealthy sugar intake. By consuming more of the good sweets, you both satisfy your sugary urges, gain the right amount of weight, and keep a healthy profile.

That is a trusted process that can speed up your body fat levels once combined with the right amount of water intake.

A healthy gut is a sound mind, one that is indicative of what’s good for your body and knows limits.




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