“Illegal migrants” and the Rwanda experiment is When human rights miss the mark.

Warsan Garrow
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Whenever there is a bad economy, race tensions rise, and of course, immigrants are to blame more specifically, desperate new arrivals are the culprit. As a whole immigration is always the go-to punch line.

An economy spiraling downward is usually not a coincidence. It is actually part of the normal flow of the Western financial mechanism.

Something has to change within the fundamental economic structure.

Nobody doubts the functionality of the current economic and financial systems in place. Perhaps because the actual process of tweaking or changing something in that pipeline of the financial mechanism in place is difficult. It’s too time-consuming, and since we are dealing with an economic cycle, many other components in the overall financial cycle are affected.

This means changing policies within different compartments that may now be unable to proceed with establishing what they were set out to do.

This is called missing the mark. And that is understandably frustrating knowing the endless debates that went into that. Simultaneously funding these debates under a comfortable dinner from the average tax-payers salary.

On top of that the accommodations and travel expenses.

The politics of finance considering global trade and investments while gatekeeping the continuation of the regular economic interest of the home base is cumbersome.

A process that guarantees to serve the security and continuation of one purpose never leaves a pleasant trial.

Where concessions are made, undoubtedly, not everything affected will be wholesome, JUST, or fair.

That calls for excellent diplomacy transparency and less corruption.

THAT leaves no space for self-interest deal-making. Thus, the seed of corruption, no matter how appealing, must be eradicated.

There and its adoption within what was set to function perfectly at one point could fail under changing circumstances no matter how gradual or rapid the change may occur.

No one doubts or questions a system that has proved to work at its start under different circumstances at a specific time and era.

No one except once another financial crisis hits again, and it’s too late to change something that suspects the culprit to be the actual system or the policies in place.

No finance minister, his advisors think enough outside of the box before hitting the curve.

There is never room for a timely discussion. There is no need for anticipated adaptation at the start or along the way of regular common daily economic processes.

It takes excellence and thorough analysis, expertise to think just far enough ahead and anticipate potential financial and economic plunges.

“I TRUST YOU based on your blue eyes or your butt kissing, excuse my French, people skills won’t cut it when it is late.”

Anticipation means to take action in time, even before the slightest indications of a downward financial trend.

Once the first tear in your bicycle tire shows, you need to start looking for where you can buy the tools to fix that asap and cheap.

You do that in time to prevent having to suddenly replace the entire tire.

With all the current wars happening around us, the persistent non-resolved subsidies by the West.

Not a single word is said about the other lucrative subsidy schemes of, in this case, the commonwealth countries' grant education schemes.

The academic pull of major Western universities of foreign students with visas keeps these universities afloat. And allow students to stay in these countries.

A loophole in the migration scheme.

What I missed in the British solution to the immigration issue is exactly that.

Yes, the housing crisis was mentioned. Overpopulation was mentioned, and so was the job security in Britain.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

What the prime minister overlooked were the tens of thousands of Asian students who are issued a student visa every year to enter into primarily English-speaking nations of the commonwealth such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and of course Britain itself.

Around eighty-five percent of foreign students are from countries with colonial connections to Britain or are still part of the Commonwealth.

Most of these countries are considered emerging economies, and their governments also have economic deals with the nations hosting these students.

A significantly high percentage of these students end up buying sponsorship visas through an employer they work for part-time.

An example is a student working as a bartender who pays the business owner to apply and grant him visa rights to extend their time and settle in.

An Indian bartender as a skilled migrant?
An Italian pizza maker as a skilled migrant?

How necessary is that form of immigration? And why are these immigrants excluded from the narrative of putting pressure on the housing and job market?

Who is an illegal immigrant?

According to the Cambridge dictionary
An Illegal migrant is someone who lives or works in another country when they do not have legal rights.

With that definition, a few examples are mentioned. One of them is an asylum seeker.

An asylum seeker is granted the right to seek asylum due to urgent circumstances anywhere outside of their country.

That is their privilege, as stated in the international human rights laws, upon its establishment.

An asylum seeker seeks asylum because they are running from life-threatening situations. A reminder, this could be a bomb destroying their houses, businesses, and primary economic sources of food and water.

A bomb likely manufactured in Britain or the US is used here. Good for a substantial economic boast, and by the looks of it, it works out very war.

It’s only natural that Britain, amongst other weapon-producing and exporting nations, catch the aftermath of that destruction.

Can we get a map of how the psychopaths and sociopaths are spread across the weapon-producing nations? And what are their professions?

The people on the boats are not all asylum seekers from countries where there is war.

Furthermore, an asylum seeker is granted the status of asylum, which grants them the right to work, with or without restrictions.

Besides, there is great potential in creating work in different fields. Many mental health professionals are either out of work or are making YouTube videos. Whether all of the pop-up experts are competent enough is for another panel of professionals to review.

There are no wars in Asia nor pressing human rights crises outside of the Rohingya.

Yet, on all the images of boat immigrants, there are also typical brown people and others native to the Asian continent.

Indian migrants are complaining about slave-like treatment while working on Italian farms.

Is there a war in the nuclear weapon-owning India that recently also launched a space mission?

How is the label illegal migrant determined?

Migrants from war-torn countries are not illegal migrants.

It’s time to differentiate between the opportunist, utterly unnecessary, and vital migrant in the migration restrains and restrictions when policy making.

It’s time to consider temporary citizenship.

It’s time Britain thought of a solution closer to its legacy and empire.

Why not tackle Britain's immigration issues by relocation quotas over the commonwealth nations?

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

It’s time to prioritise humanity.

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