Inflation leads us to anticipate

………………….and tech is once again leading us through

Inflation brings unprecedented challenges.
There are many challenges, especially now with the drought in the different Western countries and the energy supply chain question concerning the war in Eastern Europe.
For many families, the utility bill can be an unpleasant surprise. A surge in your utility expenditure is preventable by planning and monitoring your monthly water or energy use. That is if you have access to technology that allows you to anticipate upcoming liabilities.
Surging energy bills are not just a worry for low-income families but can be a headache for everyone. Everyone spends their money on something that brings them joy and fond memories instead of utilising something that is barely tangible.

Similar to how we can view our spending patterns or send and receive money via apps directly connected to our bank accounts.
Some energy companies offer early insight via apps that monitor your electricity and appliance use. Handy because these systems allow you to see your expenditure as well as your usage. Hence, it gives you an insight also into whether your children are on their appliances at night.
When water is scarce, like now in some states, you can plan and look into which days are suitable to water your garden. You can schedule with your local community to avoid higher energy bills or shortages.

Many don't like surprises in hindsight. Thus they would like to preview what's coming to plan or anticipate their expenditure. There is no need for a glass bowl. A smartphone and a house that is switched on are enough.

In some countries, architects have already been working way ahead of their time. They have been building innovative homes with advanced built-in technological systems not only for our convenience but also to safeguard everything precious to us and leave it for generations to come. Pressing climate challenges and better policy ensures that all newly built homes come with integrated solutions, and old houses are renovated so that they do not add to further climate problems.

By the looks of it, the future will be brighter for everyone and everything around us. More traditional homes are provided with integrated systems for a better connection with your house. Via your phone, you can now lower your monthly usage bills. And if you are annoyed with the time your significant other spends in the bathroom? You can now finally 'serve' them the data proving their showers are the culprit for your higher bills, thus contributing to climate hazards.



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