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Warsan Garrow
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I am one of those people who like the beautiful things in life. Thus I appreciate good art, particularly glass art. Though I can indulge in other types of art, glass art has something captivating. It is mystical, it has a history, and I can seriously look at it for hours on end.

Courtesy of Novotny Glass

Besides that, there are gazillion things that you can create from glass. So the options are endless.

One of my delights is immersing myself in the local architecture and visiting glass art galleries. The first may be because I have some architects in my family.

Second, self-explanatory.

Eastern Europe is still relatively untouched regarding mass tourism, but it harbours so many treasures yearning to be discovered. My heart warms for authenticity, handcrafted artisan and many of the good wholesome stuff our world has to offer.

I am a huge fan of craftsmanship and people keeping ancient professions alive. I am especially glad these artists are good at what they do and grateful for them for re-introducing this type of art to this modern world.

I am not easily impressed, but good art provokes emotion within me. Sometimes it just makes me want to scream like those crazy Americans when they see their favourite celebrity.

Those that appreciate the finer things in life are already familiar with Rücle, for example. You can find them here. They are one of the better-known glass artists specialising in handmade crystals. Much of their glasswork is very detailed and sophisticated.

They are located not far from Prague, with the option to buy from the producer directly. Another fantastical artist(s) and exhibitionists are Jiri Pacinek; they make mind-blowing, refined glass art. Other works that have captivated me are Bohemian-glass, Novotnyglass, Sklomoravia and Klaretglass.


Next to the Czech Republic, countries like Slovenia, Slovakia(limited), Estonia and Latvia are home to great glass-blowing artists.

There are some hidden gems to be found in good old trusted Germany as well.

Some glass-blowers, from less commercial markets, lift on the success of other well-established household names. Though operating under the same franchise name, the creators are different.

The best thing about most of these glass art studios is the fact that many of them in one country know of each other’s existence. You will find that they are very supportive of one another’s work. If you are looking to get something custom-made, then they would actually refer you to one of their peers.

Exceptional, rare talent within a captivating industry. Great minds and lots of goodwill.


As travelling is accessible to everyone, more of the art of these glass blowers is uncovered thanks to social media. Some of these artists are getting more international notoriety and are better accustomed to tourists. Their businesses are growing, their work stays unique, and they are able to attract more fans through individual and group tours.



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