Promised in despair

Warsan Garrow
Aug 26, 2023

When Courtesy died, it said on its last breath, "I am crushed."
Kindness replied, "I got punched in the gut, too."

"Bit shackled here," indignant, calling out to morality
Common decency cried for his pal, stating, "I am shocked to the core."

"I am shattered," concluded Integrity.
"It smelled like deceit," intuition.

To which Brain answered, "Good Gally," don't mind me."

"No F* given," respectfully, heart.
"Hold me!" exclaimed tongue.

"Drained," not defeat.


"Pardon," MANNERS.

Courage walked, not giving to those promises made in despair.

Photo by LekoArts on Unsplash



Warsan Garrow

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