Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)

Warsan Garrow
3 min readApr 30, 2022

What is it? And why it matters.

Envision you own a business and want to get ahead of the competition. Implementing SEO the right way can help your brand exposure and growth significantly. And just like everything in life, a correct understanding of the basics and practice can already make a difference for your business. But let’s start at the beginning by answering what SEO is.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how the World Wide Web generates traffic to your website via the different search engines. It is the natural flow, i.e. without advertising deals with search engines to get a higher ranking for your website on that particular search engine platform. When people search for specific keywords, the build-in links lead them to your web page. It is people visiting and landing on your website through clicks without you having to pay for that to happen.

SEO is the go-to way to generate notoriety for your brand by using the internet cleverly. It is basically playing into what people are looking for by providing the answers and solutions via your business model. People skills and generic psychology is required because you have to know the keywords your potential customers use to find you. If you are smart, you’ll get ahead of your customers and include these keywords, catchphrases or questions in your build-in SEO system when setting up your webpage/blog. Create a webpage based on relevant keywords. Make smart use of LSI, i.e. similar keywords but avoid repetition. Thus it is better to use different words to appeal to more people. Moreover, inserting possible search engine keywords in your code, combined with on-page plug-in consistency, guarantees that your service, your brand, and your business are found. Once you create an easy to pick-up webpage for a search engine, it is an optimised website.

Thorough knowledge of what you are selling or the services you are providing is crucial in determining your online strategy, thus consistency in content marketing.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, Google has a commanding position. It is the number one search engine engraved into people’s minds when asked about which search engines people use. For some, it is the only search engine they know, and that is not strange because Google is the motor in content marketing, and it controls 90% of web searches. Google has a monopoly in the search engine field; therefore, it has an untarnished influence on SEO.

If you are a business owner, no matter the size, Google is the most powerful tool to date to advance your business.
When you use SEO accurately with the correct terms, via tech giants like Google, you will not just be generating leads to your webpage, resulting in a higher ranking. Still, an increase in your sales revenue is inevitable.

Understand where your potential buyers are. What motives your customers to buy your products or use your company's services? And which search engine they use to get to you.

A search engine sends a robot to your website to paint a picture of what it is that you are selling. It is to categorise your website’s content and determine whether there is consistency in your content. This enables a search robot to decide whether you are conning the system or genuinely appealing to humans. Use a keyword phrase only once, but make sure you have a simple structure. Create categories; there has to be a relationship between the content on your page and the keywords and phrases you use to find your webpage.
Google offers options to help you optimise your site. One is the keyword planner from Google, where google suggests more options(LSI) that are directly related to what your customers search for via the dropdown tool. The Search engine knows which category is what so anticipate by coding SEO-friendly.

With keywords and plug-ins, you prevent issues in terms of traffic to your webpage. Stay ahead of potential problems. Anticipation in traffic can yield a higher ranking on search engines, generate more traffic to your site and garner more interactions and income.



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