The artichoke effect: For the people in the back.

Warsan Garrow
4 min readAug 27, 2023

I always thought of the artichoke to be thought-provoking. Mysteriously constructed fruit, or is it a Vegetable?

And those layers upon layers?

A kindly reminder that Race politics is different from Whore politics.

Excuse the language, but the political aspect of race has nothing to do with pimping your daughters to thugs with money. It has more to do with conscientious choices based on race relations, worldly gain, power dynamics, and biases.

The line between the two becomes thin when specific individuals are willing to use violence against politically invested, aware, not woke, non-conformist political activists.
Politically inclined activists spreading awareness, who have actively been involved with specific neglected communities, advising the gullible, protecting the feeble from themselves, utilising their voice, practising their moral obligation and hoping to awaken those asleep. Are now vindicated.

When they are simply cautioning.

Don’t do it.

We are advising legislators and campaigning in the hopes that future catastrophes can be prevented.

I‘d never considered Black Americans, East European Whites, and everyone else who shares the same ethical codes of conduct in my race theories.

Many groups never came up and have never been mentioned. But the Balkans resurfaced, and I got reintroduced.
And less do I care. But it's an interesting analogy.
Don’t hop on my storylines and start antagonising me.

It is not a coincidence that entire ethnic groups have made it their sole life purpose to Whitecleanse their ethnicity through White men and women who enable them to do so.
A plague of manifestation, colonising entire continents.
We have seen this go wrong on multiple levels and its impact on entire societies—a theory extracted from reality, conclusions drawn from observations that proved true with all devastating consequences.

Thousands of half-White babies have disappeared, without a trace, from Western countries in the past thirty years, leaving mothers traumatised. And that was not a strong enough warning, as demonstrated by the ongoing events of the last decade and their aftermath.

Your kind, same values, traditionally so wholesome. Preciously preserved. It sounds right.
Encouraging Whites to stick to their own ways and traditions while eating multicultural and keeping their multinational ties. It sounded like a plan.
Co-exists rejoice to learn from each other. Salute and celebrate together, but mind the offspring — not too much.

No one envies those deliberately seeking out Whites to procreate with.

Exposing an ethnopolitical agenda that has proven to reinforce the racist negative narrative wherein certain groups are glorified, and others are forced to participate in or else. It is a blessing and has nothing to do with others envying your ways.

Race mattered when Harry met Megan. And race mattered when it came to Al-Fayed and Diana.

Why does not Race matter in that same context in our streets? In our everyday societies? How come those who are mindful of those abusing these frameworks to their advantage are ridiculed for their ideas and even threatened with violence?

Race matters when it comes to the police and black American males—Race issues in our societies regarding positions of power in the job market.
Race matters when it comes to the justice system.
Isn’t that the entire purpose of ticking those ethnic race boxes when filling out applications?

Isn’t race usually the grounds for bias? The foundation to justify mistreatment and retarded White transgression against individuals of colour?

Isn’t race weaponised and misused to cultivate fear, to malignantly plant seeds of hate and self-hatred?
A constant reminder of the unspoken generational trauma that left some no choice but to end it. Despite completing that last piece of the puzzle, i.e. integrating full circle.
Fear for what their offspring would endure if they replicated with their own. That same fear has left some to serve the role of being a minority forever and leaving a legacy wherein even their grandchildren are now biased against their flesh and blood.

More to principles and less to bowing to psychopaths who would want to push others of the same cliff they regret jumping off.

Freedom of choice within a democracy never used to include the entitlement and forcing private individuals to make the same choices.

I always disliked artichokes. And those layers upon layers. Do you peel them off? Roast them with potential insects inside of these?

You often find that sense of self-imposed importance with white women of a particular calibre, the pride they take in their clouded assumptions. The self-righteousness that comes with that odd sense of delusional pride taken in their skin, assuming they got it right all along and have the right to strangle you now. And you have been at fault, envious of their poor life choices you never actually gave a shit about. It is hilarious and, quite frankly, the definition of mentally handicapped.

Photo by César Couto on Unsplash

Not every person of colour wants to dilute their genetic make-up or skin colour. Not all brown and black individuals envy those who successfully and deliberately whitewash themselves through you.

Nevertheless, under normal circumstances, one asks questions, but stupidity and pride within the fool won’t allow them to ask questions. They instead rely on their clouded White judgment. The same self-righteous White mind made them an easy catch, an enabler. That accessibility to you is why you are sought after. It is also called something else.

Some find contentment in a diluted version of themselves. Others find joy in seeing themselves in their offspring. But we ought to live in peace and co-exist in full respect. Appreciate one another without the negative social categorisations.
Live free from constraint but refrain from using any type of violence.

Artichokes are bitter, not very appealing to the eye or appetising.

Off my tail.



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