The buttery corporate thief and the un-seasoned potatoes

Warsan Garrow
4 min readApr 9, 2022

The tole of unnecessary migration.

When it comes to race, many people are conditioned to fear what is different to them.

This generational conditioning strongly pushed via the media is still causing problems for people of colour in some countries. In this world, with too many stupid people who want to act, dress, and behave like their favourite artists, criminals are criminals on the plain side. But it is the unpopular opinion that we should be wary of, and those behind these opinions should be diagnosed or institutionalised. But at least banned from social media.

The minute you start identifying with black, that is the moment you are bombarded with all the prejudice that Black folks from the US are stereotyped with. From thugs stealing, rap-music to striper culture.
And, of course, the injustice that comes with it. This mindset allows a window of blind trust towards those who are; off-White, Paige, buttery flavoured and vanilla induces.

The idea is that these vanilla flavoured people are less harmful. Even though there is much to say for the opposite, a track record of serious crime can be reproduced with a finger snap.
Nevertheless, it’s condoned and forgiven over and over and over again. Not forgotten, but due to conscience knowledge of this track record of violence, governments and regular people are pressed to side with the criminals. Hold an umbrella over their head because you might be stabbed or shot, or their friends may break into your house.

How dare you be critical, vocal or expose what is truly happening. Play dumb or stupid, for you will not be victimised, raped and assaulted.

The opposite of brainwashing or taming a wild beast is submitting to its will, its terror, and even aiding it. After all, a good Christian extends a helping hand. A hand that allows infiltrating, solid conditioning, sexual abuse, murders.
Subtle is the hand that enables economic gain and disadvances others in the long term — ever heard of birds of a feather flocking together? Well, so do sophisticated criminals.

Rack them in.

Still, it does not register with West how their people are the ones taken advantage of. All that bargaining, conditioning, and brainwashing did not work.
Hopeful, but you do not learn.

Instead, you decide to facilitate it more, meet their needs, for perhaps then it will be better? Adopt to meet them halfway, or comply all the way.

A creamy golden boy named Ahmed, born and raised in a Western country with a solid inclination to Western morals, got a job in a call centre.
At the age of 25, the smooth-talking buttery man was the oldest at his job. The manager, who had just graduated with a beta degree, was 23years old, semi-detached, gullible and had zero people skills.

During the first week on the job, the buttery man convinced all the young white people in the office that he would be called JOHN from now on. He was not making his targets because he was of a particular ethnic group, and to make his sales meet his KPIs, he needed to change his name.

Oblivious to the fact that other ethnic people with stranger names were getting their targets. All the young White folks displayed full sympathy. Embarrassed him and caressed his bolding head.

Within the same week, this smooth-talking con artist convinces almost everyone that laptops were cheaper in Spain. Coincidentally he was going to Spain next week.

What a nice friendly man this John was. So sad how people were prejudiced against him.

A lot, and I mean many White people hand over their cash. Some would argue they did not have enough, so they would give a few hundred euros mainly because they were first-year students with not enough money. One White guy would even try to convince others to hand over at least € 1500 because a good laptop was worth the investment.

Butter guy wished everyone a good weekend that Friday and disappeared.

The manager and all the young white people, who were in their late teens, early 20-ties, pressed charges. Authorities could not do anything outside their district.

The moral here is; No one would be so trusting if this man were a black man.
Unnecessary migration has a pressing impact on the West on many levels.

Once again, a smooth-talking thug manipulated young White people to get what he wanted. They were cooperative and more than willing to hand over their money. Nobody forced anyone to do anything.

Could this have been prevented?

The West is also failing its own.

Proceed with caution.

Warsan Garrow

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