Thirty liveable countries you may want to avoid.

Warsan Garrow
2 min readNov 26, 2023
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1. The Netherlands

2. Belgium

3. France

4. Albania

5. Bosnia

6. Greece

7. Italy

8. England

9. Iceland

10. Greenland (Not a country but still)

11. Norway

12. Turkey

13. Iraq

14. India

15. Iran

16. Pakistan

17. Thailand

18. Australia

19. South Africa

20. Zimbabwe

21. Somalia

22. Libya

23. Tunis

24. Morocco

25. Nigeria

26. Guatemala

27. Ecuador

28. Venezuela

29. Colombia

30. Peru

We all fall for it: the stories in travel magazines and books filled with breathtaking pictures of the places you must see in your lifetime. The lists of the most liveable places in the world occasionally change in ranking but somehow always contain the same places.

The livability factor is not measured simply by visiting or holidaying in the country of your interest. There are many factors to keep in mind, and a quick research is only sometimes a great indicator of what to honestly expect.

You might want to take your time in conducting a research that grants you an extensive deeper insight into the country of interest. Depending on your goals, the study should shape your outlook for the near future.
In your mindmaps, you should have a time-sensitive vision. Are you considering visiting that country for a few months, impermanently for a few years or an entire lifetime?

You also want to look at the nation’s political climate, other than the image they put out. Moreover, openness and receptiveness determine the nation’s overall culture, the mindset of the locals, and the country’s hospitability factor.

Another thing that shapes countries next to their people is the work-life balance, air quality and the functionality of its institutional organs.

Some countries are great to visit now and then for a few weeks but not to live. Others or part of others are great for specific time periods, such as excellent to raise your kids in or fantastic to retire, but could be more remarkable for a reasonable adult life.

Before committing to a country, you should review and consider more than just the standard likability checklists.




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