Timing is vital, or is it?

Warsan Garrow
3 min readMar 25, 2022

In a negotiation process

At times you are at the right place, at the right time to change your life for the better, other times to get your ego-bruised.

There is no such thing as — perfect timing or circumstances to negotiating towards self-improvement. Predominantly because everyone is different and situations vary. Even researchers find it hard to pinpoint the most suitable time to talk about salary or better working conditions.

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However, you want to organise yourself and plan your meeting with care. You ought to think things through, study your opponent and then initiate the session to bring about change.

You’d get pretty far with some common sense and people knowledge. Like anything in life, it is best to approach people when they are in a good mood.
The best time to schedule to negotiate any business deal is when you are sure your opponent is in happy spirits. Usually, that is halfway into a working day. Preferably towards the end of a nice meal or after lunch.
That moment on a Thursday brunch with the boss between the ‘Geee, my steak was a perfect’ with a smile on his face and ‘the dessert almost served.’ When you are both still not quite finished eating, you are evaluating your meals. That is when you should seize the moment. The minute you are comfortable and the boss’s stomach is no longer growling.

Besides, humans are strange creatures who are sleepy, stressed and overwhelmed in the morning — and tired, fussy and irritable towards the end of the day. These are all things to consider when planning a negotiation meeting.

For some Westerners, the right time to ask for a pay rise is after consuming some alcoholic beverages. Some people need to drink to gain some courage, to relax in uncomfortable social situations.
This does not imply at the company’s ‘happy’ hour, where employees stop work early and have drinks to bond.
Though most companies intend to use this time to network and uplift team spirit, it is not a good idea to plan a negotiation meeting about a pay rise. One, this is unethical and will come back to bite you. And two, due to the alcohol aspect present during these few hours, anything agreed upon is void by law. This does not mean that these bonding events are not influential in promotions. But, technically, your opponent can retract their statements based on being tipsy or even drunk.
After all, many tend to be irrational after the consumption of alcohol.

Another expert tip is to avoid the Monday for such a life-changing self-improvement conversation about work. Mondays are a headache for a lot of people. Most people who work, especially in a 9 to 5 office setting, are in a loop. Zombies doing routine work; thus, most office workers dread Mondays and their entire careers or lives. Hence, Stacy from accounting is also moody outside of her period, and Annette lashes out at people even when she does not have hot flashes due to menopause.

Today’s office workers need regular incentives to keep working for the same company for years. So more workers negotiating and initiating changes improves work conditions for everyone.

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Overall, your best bet is to discuss a higher salary or a better contract when the weekend is approaching. No one hates a few days off work; thus, most people are happier towards the end of the week. People have happy thoughts looking forward to doing things that give them joy.

And if you have to deal with a drawback, you have a few days off to recover and the Monday to complain. Cheers humans!



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