Van Scheppingen

Warsan Garrow
4 min readAug 5, 2022

Van scheppingen was an exotic-looking Dutch woman and HR agent. She had invited me to have a chat with her about a Marketing job for the local government.
We met. The first sentence that came out of her mouth was that I was beautiful.

I thought, odd this woman must have a guilty conscience. I was not invited to audition. Thus, I immediately knew I was dealing with something.

Then she asked me whether I was open to working with new comers to ‘her country’; she said that while pulling an ugly face. As if new comers were something dirty or disgusting.

I told her that one needs to be a social worker to be working in that position she was asking me for.
She agreed with me on that, then she stated that they needed someone with a higher educational level. I think I had to tell her three or four times I was not willing to go in a completely different direction than what I had been trained for.

Just two days later, I got a rejection for the marketing position. Governments usually take at least 5-weeks to reply. Again I thought it was a stanky move.

So I decided to ask for a reason. She was quick to reply, stating that they needed somebody with a Bachelor’s degree for this particular marketing position for the government.

I did not make the cut because, according to this woman, my educational level did not match their requirements.
But during our conversation, she was the one asking me to do a job BECAUSE of one of my degrees.

This is what happens when you employ people because of their great networking skills. No logic is required, and you can shamelessly be a racist on behalf of the organisation you are employed by.

I replied to her, asking whether she had read my resume.

She did not reply.

But I have kept the e-mail.

Racism against people of colour and Muslims is a major issue in The Netherlands. The problem is not whether you can prove it exists. The problem is that it is deeply rooted and subtle to the extend where people are comfortable with it. What is more disturbing is the nonchalant way it is dealt with once these issues come to the surface, and it does not matter whether the proof is presented or not.

I know how the haters work, i.e. those that stand up for whatever mentally ill people do because that is what a racist is. Whether it is intended as a bad joke or its classified as bullying. There are many with serious mental health illnesses amongst us. Those who just agree and side with perpetrators are as sick because their cowardice is an indication of fear and is shown in all its glory.

And this is always applicable in any case, no matter how absurd the behaviour of perpetrators is. Others are cultivated to worship anything with White skin and think they somehow are better off always siding with those they upheld so high. These people always decide to be on the safe side because THAT, i.e., abuse, is what is engraved in their DNA. Their motives are also based on fear. For once, or finally, they are out of the negative spotlight. In their mind, they can not disagree with abusers or narcissists. Their angst won’t allow it. Just like in that Pavlov experiment.

Victim blaming means no further questions asked.

They feel a sense of acceptance and belonging. An unspoken cosy embrace from the Whites they uphold so highly. Now they can finally join in on the joke and laugh along as if their lives depend on it.

Van scheppingen could have just checked my credentials with the proper authorities.

But common sense was not this government representative’s strongest skill.

Almost everyone owns a degree nowadays except maybe older people who grew into their job positions. It is however as common as breathing for the rest of us. Me, I am curious, so I got a few. Nevertheless, Van Scheppingen was a mature woman who reminded me of the American character carrot top. She had hedgehog hair that was painted red. She was of mixed race. Something exotic, I could not pinpoint whether it was Brazillian or just regular Spanish, casually fascist Italian.

She had a thing against black people.

An indoctrination of one of her fascist parents or a sick society that rewards and applauds perpetrators.

This sinister woman had lured me into her psychopathic plans. These psychological games are not uncommon amongst the Dutch. Racism is from the top down in the Netherlands. The U.N nor the rest of the world have a clue of what is actually going on.

Some people are rotten from the core, not at the core.

She wasted my time and that of the government she was working for.

I teach people about the psychology of race relations.

This is how racism is played out in a practical form.
This is the aftermath of race politics. This venom of genuine self-hate and racism against people of colour is passed on from generation to generation. It is a disease that should be taken up in the DSM and treated by qualified psychologists.

Race politics is an absurd yet fun tool for the feeble to toy with. It stems from a lower intellect combined with emotional distress from the side of the abusers. It’s an actual projection of the emotional pain they carry.

A racist should be called out by name and preferably photo.

If you are still wondering how racism is so widespread, then know that it is hereditary.

Warsan Garrow

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