Why leadership requires creativity

Warsan Garrow
2 min readJun 9, 2024
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We are often told to think outside the box. What does that mean? Which box are we thinking of? And who said our thinking process was so rigidly categorised in these metaphorical boxes?

A man came up with the phrase, by the way.

Leadership takes its toll on everyone and everything it is directly linked to.
Leadership requires excellence, which is why businesses require more than just a set of healthy brains.
One is constantly faced with obstacles, and challenges present themselves continuously.

In order to solve these obstacles, one needs to be creative. Part of creativity is sound judgment and a mindset that allows the individual to reframe situations.

That means continuously adjusting to whatever day/week the business the world may throw at you during that time period.

A mindset that thinks in problems will soon be burdened by them. One that highlights other details and sees the bigger picture will find opportunities.

Ideas to overcome instead will present naturally, and one will find unimaginable ways to navigate regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes, one has to look into the sun.

What that further entails is the approach and a support mechanism — a team of like-minded individuals who understand. Not everyone has to always be on board with one’s creative problem-solving skills as long as one has set a foundation of standards in place that enforce understanding and serve the same end goal that fixes the issue.




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