Why we don't laugh the same

"We all laugh the same." Anonymous

I beg to differ.
A healthy sense of humour is a telltale sign that one is in a healthy state of mind. It does not mean that laughter for the sake of laughter or laughing along means that one is blessed with possessing a good sense of humour.

Humour comes in a wide palette range and, to a certain extent, is prone to a specific habitat; thus, it can be culturally connected. It must have originated somewhere and evolved. Like water and oil, humour develops and is cultivated in a particular environment. Thus, why it can take on so many different forms yet does not necessarily have to be considered funny by everyone.

Therefore humour is prone to its environment hence, why some jokes do not go well under certain circumstances.

Furthermore, some jokes are extracted from a brain that is poorly developed or can come from someone raised in unforeseeable circumstances. Thus, a sexually inclined joke can be funny in a particular environment, such as at a party with one’s friends where people are perhaps under the influence of something.
Therefore, most decent people will find a joke relating to the male private parts inappropriate during any given moment in the workplace or at a course (non-medically) connected to that subject.

Not only are these types of jokes uncomfortable for most reasonable people in a publicly shared environment. People who entertain this type of humour and laugh at it the loudest are those usually from deprived backgrounds.

What people that connect over sex jokes have in common is more than just the environment their brains were cultivated. This could sometimes be out of their control, which is understandable as one does not simply choose the household they are born in.

Other common aspects that bind these people; are their disregard for religion, lack of moral inclination and absence of basic hygiene.
Furthermore, they often have little to no education or are from a generation that allowed them to grow into their jobs. Thus, they never had formal training that would enable them to develop interpersonal skills or be sensitive and aware of their environment.
These individuals also tend to be blind to social cues. They will describe themselves as rebellious against any form of authority. And a vast giveaway is how they conduct themselves in settings wherein strangers accompany them. They expose themselves by their lack of disrespect and disregard for those they are surrounded by at that moment. They’ll vocalise their behaviour as kicking against standard norms or authority, but it is utterly clueless about what is considered normal in different settings. Thus, someone of that calibre would not only utter words relating to the sexual organs of humans, at random, in the most inappropriate environment. They would laugh at it as if it was a hilariously brilliant joke.

Adults mentioning names of private human parts and then laughing at that is alarming.

These individuals tend to behave like that because they know they are unable to add something of value to the company they are with at that moment. What is conning about their behaviour is how they are the first to burst out in laughter and laugh the loudest at their joke.

What is happening here is; they are masking their inability to do something correctly. So, they try the friendlier route of getting others along by excessively laughing. This not only derives the tension away from what usually would be an awkward situation. They know laughter is contagious; thus, as it erupts, everyone around this individual forgets about what is actually going on. People move on quickly from the matter with no questions asked; hence, no damage is done.
These individuals are not charming but know how to act on others' emotions and play around with situations. Sometimes they do not even have the words to do so; it is translated in playfulness and a childlike giggleish demeanour.
They don't strive to improve, develop personally or excel in anything. They are not ambitious people; instead, they form a truss with what they are comfortable with, from themselves adhering to societal gender roles and utilising and summing up others to escape.
The awareness of self and self-consciousness is their survival mechanism.

Although they won't necessarily have any skills, they build on their primal skills and know how to get what they want regardless of those around them. They have created this smoke of harmless awrah around them that others give in to in a constant state of pity until they're bitten.

These individuals do not shy away from making inappropriate jokes about male genitals because they are feral and will be in that state of mind for the rest of their lives. Their characteristics are not interchangeable because they are intellectually stagnant. But modern society rewards that.
Thus, they cannot evolve and understand or laugh at other types of humour, such as sarcasm, satire, and even cynicism (which can be funny too). Anything that is out of the spectrum of the sewer rat humour is taken out of context. It is either twisted back to the sewer box or taken seriously. Thus offence is taken and justified, but always material to misconstrued.

Cringe-worthiness is not something that these morally deprived individuals would grasp.

Most decent humans understand that certain humour is not suited or applicable in all places.

People, in general, are drawn to like-minded people, and it does genuinely harm someone’s well-being to be forced to interact with deprived humans. Opting out of interaction is not arrogant nor rude. That is okay, and our societies should adapt to that fact, be accepting of it and more welcoming.

It is safe to say that humour is susceptible to various factors and circumstances, i.e. upbringing, ethics, and sense of self-worth. Therefore, a giveaway of one's level of promiscuity and basic human decency.

Humour correlates to the intellect; thus, we do not laugh the same.



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