Wirestock is a fantastic website and app that allows you if you are artistically inclined to sell your photos or other artistic creations as stock material. This has a dual advantage; on the one hand, you keep the rights to your content which is a major yeay if you appreciate what’s yours to remain yours. On the other hand, you make an extra buck, i.e. through a commission with your hobby and creative insight every time someone downloads or uses one of your creations.

The website allows you to upload your photo’s with a few clicks to several well-known stock agencies.

Not a photographer? That is fine, as you can upload paintings, videos, simple pc-drawings and memes (nice one for generation X).

Wirestock recently introduced a feature that allows you to sell directly without commission. The site will enable you to create an e-commerce shop with options to create, collect and sell all at once.

One catch is that it requires a subscription, so you must upgrade your membership.



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Warsan Garrow

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