Your privacy at stake

The sacrifice we make for our instant gratification

Most of us internet users do not watch TV. We instead utilise the options we have via the streaming sites and other free video sides; We determine what we watch, how long and most importantly, when. However, sometimes while scrolling through videos on your favourite social media site, you’ll find an ad that relates to something you were recently talking about to your friend, co-worker, or best pal. The same goes for the content of your latest emails. Of course, it can be a coincidence, which is precisely what you think the first couple of times. But you should raise more than just one eye-brow when it is a reoccurring thing.

No! you are not crazy, and you are not the only one experiencing these unprecedented “coincidences”. But it isn't very comforting to know that some search engine email providers have access to the content of your emails. The robots on their service site must be reading along to adjust, customise and target their ads.

What is more, I have had quite a few instances where I could swear that something strange was happening due to the recommended content thrown at me.
I took matters into my own hands and started doing the following;
First, I disabled all the apparent apps that required access to my microphone, such as the Instant messaging services. Then I would delete apps that I never used anyway but were running in the background. Moreover, I consistently close all the recently opened pages/ used apps and my history. I’d recommend this low-key smart move because apps running in the background drain your battery anyway and who benefits from that? No one, right?
If you like to hold on to a phone longer than a year, just like me, do the above.

The funny thing is that this coincidence occurs within a close time-frame proximity of the last time you had sent or replied to an email or had discussed something aloud.
And after being told I was losing it for real. I searched for proof and stumbled upon news items addressing the matter. Ha! the confirmation I was seeking. Now I cannot just talk about targeted ads, but I can prove that everyone is a victim to fancy marketers. Big tech is invading your privacy in the most unsettling ways.
It looks like none of us can escape the Facebook or Google brand and its affiliate corporation no matter how hard we try. Ultimately, there aren’t many options where most of your connections are on, so you will have to sacrifice a few good mates to protect your privacy. Also, you will have to register to all the other websites you use that you access with your Facebook or Google account. Another option, which is hard to do for most people, is to shun these tech giants completely. This might sound drastic, but it seems that that is the only way users can send these large corporations the most potent message possible.

We are falsely made to believe that our lives are far more convenient when using specific search engine mail providers or Social Media sides to enjoy other content on the World Wide Web. Nothing could be further away from the truth. My suggestion is to explore less popular sites on the internet, as the less popular side of the internet is not just good for your sanity. The less popular websites are also more secure when cruising the internet.



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Warsan Garrow

Warsan Garrow

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